About Us

Fit Food was started to fill one of the few remaining holes in Columbus’ culinary world: convenient food delivery that was truly healthy. It’s a dilemma that was personal to us. After spending multiple days a week at the gym, we weren’t seeing the results we wanted. Cooking everything at home took too much time. Eating out only added pounds. A personal chef? We wish. Therefore we created something we were happy to use ourselves.

After you, the customer, chooses what you would like to eat, we go to work the next day before the sun even comes up. We chop, slice and dice, prepping and investing ourselves into every meal. We then pass the meals to our drivers, who go all over Columbus to get you your meals while they’re still fresh. Once you’ve snagged the food from your doorstep, all you have to do is heat it up.

We’re a small operation today, but our ambitions are titanic. Hopefully everyone will give FitFood a chance and allow us to affix our place in this great community. As we continue to build, we’ll work closer with local farms, deliver to more locations, and provide greater menu variety. Then we’ll be able accomplish our greatest goal: fast, same day delivery without any planning ahead.

For those of you already making Fit Food a part of your life, we thank you. Great things are on the horizon. Now let’s eat!

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