Have you tried losing weight again and again, only to fail because your diet isn’t about you or your needs?

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The REAL Problem With Diets…

There are three HUGE problems with all diets:

1. They are complicated to organize, especially if you’re preparing “ordinary” food for other family members.

2. After a while, they become bone-crunchingly boring.

3. After a while, they stop working.

There’s no denying that where dieting and weight loss is concerned, there have been enormous improvements innovation-wise – many diets now have accompanying recipe books which mix things up a little, give you options and ideas for eating, but at some point, you always run out of recipes, so you’re back to eating the same thing, several times a week. You also often have the mill-stone of endless calorie counting, so that every morsel of food that passes your lips becomes an enemy which you have to resist.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, after a while all your effort and sacrifice stops paying off as your body stops shedding the weight you’re starving yourself to get rid of. What has happened here is that your body has plateaued – having originally been shocked by diet rations into using fat stores, catches up with what’s happening and goes into survival mode, and uses energy stored in the muscle, rather than fat. To start losing weight again, you need to trick your body out of this…but you can’t because your diet isn’t designed to adjust to your changing needs, and you don’t know enough to alter it.

It some point, it all just gets too hard. It’s no wonder you finally throw in the towel and go back to guilty, but enjoyable over-eating!

How To Lose Weight Successfully

To lose and continue to lose weight correctly you need to do several things

Build diet plans meals around nutrient ration percentages (i.e carbohydrate, fat, protein) that work best for you and your metabolism. Vary those diet meals plans sufficiently enough to keep your palate interested in the food its being offered, so that it is not tempted to “stray”. Adjust your food intake to cope with the demands your body is likely to make of it with reference to your gender, age, weight, height and daily exercise. Alter your diet meals plans so that they reflect your reduced calorific needs as your body loses weight. Track your body fat to lean body mass ratio to be sure it’s FAT and not MUSCLE you’re losing. As you can see from the above list, successful dieting takes a little more effort than simply eating less. Have you ever noticed how people who have successfully lost significant amounts of weight come across as virtual dieting experts? They can tell you the calorific value of a sliver of cheese, the salt content of a slice of bread and what happens to them if they don’t get their Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C. Chances are after 12 weeks on a diet, they probably know their bodies better than their dietician!

How Do You Solve The Problem Of Cookie Cutter Diet Meals Plans?

If you really don’t relish the idea of gaining an honorary Ph.D in nutrition in order to shift your excess baggage, what options do you have?

Well, you could start over with a fresh diet, which is a great strategy… until you hit the next wall. You could experiment, trying this food and that, but it’s very hit-and-miss – the chances are you’ll end up either regaining some of your hard-lost weight, or feeling unwell because you’re under-nourished. Of course, you could work around the problem by consulting a dietician on a regular basis, but at $100 for ONE meal plan, that’s a very expensive diet.

Push-Button Meal Planning

What if I told you there was a simple way to achieve all the tasks necessary to keep losing weight healthily WITHOUT having to spend a fortune consulting professionals?

Chris Mohr, PhD and Jason Hunter are a couple of registered dieticians who have taken the unusual step of developing a software program designed to carry out all these tasks. There are already a number of programs on the market, but they are designed exclusively for qualified sports and nutrition personnel, and their pricing and functionality reflect this. The Mohr/Hunter program is different because it was developed with the ordinary home user in mind.

What would you give for a system that allowed you to:

Choose from 13,339 food options to design unlimited diet meals plans for yourself within minutes. Build meal plans around any dietary system, branded food or supplement. Choose your own nutrient ratio percentages.Pinpoint your exact calorie requirements by entering your specific personal data (height, weight, gender, etc) and choosing from 94 different exercise categories. Put calorie counting on auto-pilot. as your needs and preferences change. Track your bodyfat levels. Customize the program to your own goals, including maintenance and weight gain where needed.

No more guesswork, calorie counting or cookie cutter meal plans that you eat over and over. Instead, you can build a unlimited stream of meals that you actually enjoy, look forward to AND will ensure that you continue to lose weight on, because they have been designed exclusively for you and your body!

Once the stress and boredom has been taken out of your diet, it’s far easier to get on with the real work – achieving your optimum weight goals.